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About catalysts

Our company buys used car catalysts from physical persons and from juridical persons in any quantity by the price which is set at the moment. Price is based on the average amount of precious metals contained in the catalysts, which are collected in the territory of Estonia. Catalyst scrap, which is collected on the markets in other countries can cost as more expensive and also as less expensive. Price directly depends on exchange rates and amounts of metals (platinum, palladium and rhodium). Price announced for 1 kg of the carrier (ceramic or metal) which catalyst consists, that’s why the price of catalyst tank depends on weight and type of carrier.
• Example: if a customer brought an unbroken catalyst tank, first is determined the type of that, according to the weight of the tank or with the help of special analyzer, which shows the exact content of the tank, after that we pay money.

Types and classification of catalyst carriers:

• Ceramic (from German, Japanese, French, American, Russian machinery and universal catalysts)
• Metal (the original, universal and from Russian cars)
• Ceramic granules (rare, usually used in American-born off-road cars)

Now more detaily about the prices of catalyst scrap and why they are different. I hope that our explanation does not turn into a labyrinth in which we will always go into a blind alley. Further explanation is based on the average price, which we assume as 100%.

Ceramic carriers

The greatest number of precious metal catalysts consist cars that produced in Germany (OPEL, BMW, MB, AUDI, VW). Their cost, roughly, is 100-130% of the average price declared by our company. But even here we must remember that the catalysts of the new cars are very different from the catalysts of the same brands produced before 1998. Also it is necessary to know, that the catalysts are divided into those in which the dominant is platinum, and those in which the main component is palladium.

Here is an example of catalysts removed from OPEL cars. By the price they differ in two times, but by referring the difference is only 1 cm.

The next in the price line I would put the catalysts of the Japanese car manufacturers (TOYOTA, NISSAN, MAZDA, HONDA). Their cost ranges from 80% to 110% of the average price. Then, the catalysts of French car manufacturers (RENAULT, PEUGEOT, CITROEN) — from 65% to 100% of the average price. The following are American cars (only CHRYSLER catalysts have a different star-structure, others look like all — pound) — from 60% to 90% of the average price. Korean catalysts (HYUNDAI, DAEWOO, KIA) — from 50% to 65% of the average price. Russian car manufacturers install catalysts (LADA) with different metal content, the principle on which this is done, I could not explain to myself. Price ranges from 20% to 25% of the average price, there are certain options when the price was 100% and above (maybe these catalysts were made for export?) With the universal catalysts all is clear. Their manufacturers invest into universal catalysts so much metal as the customer wants or so much, that the price of their catalyst was competitive on the market. For us its value is from 0% to 20% of our price.

I would also like to say about the catalysts from diesel engines. They cost from 70% to 120% of our price, but it is necessary to look closely after the weight of the catalyst unit, because inside of it accumulates black stuff, what increases the weight of the ceramic, but, respectively, reduces the percentage of metals.

Metal and granular carriers

Price of the metal and granular carrier is about 2-2.5 times less than the price of the ceramic carrier. Because the catalysts with these carriers are made with lower consumption of platinum, palladium and rhodium. You should also take into account that the processing of a metal catalyst is more time-consuming, and that’s why is more expensive than processing of ceramic catalysts. Pay attention to the catalysts of Russian cars, their price is about 25% of the average price of metal catalysts.

But how to determine from which brand of car ceramic catalyst has been dismantled, if it is broken?

Visually this is impossible, so we more often practice buying of used car catalyst by the analysis of a catalyst or in a metal carcass. We remind — catalyst scrap collected from the markets of different countries can be as more expensive and also as cheaper. Car manufacturers set for different countries catalysts with different containing of precious metals, even in a model of the same series. This is due to different environmental requirements in different countries. I would like to note that to the metal content in the catalyst affects the catalyst life (depreciation) and the use of bad-quality fuel.

Requirements for a catalyst carrier for sale:

• ceramics can look like one piece (preferably) or like a granular mass (reserve the right to make the analysis).
• metal carrier must be one piece or in a tank, because in a disheveled condition it loses up to 50% of valuable spraying.
• In the ceramic mass should be no foreign objects (asbestos, metal mesh, metal shavings, silica sand, carbon black, cement, etc.). Otherwise, the ceramic mixture will be bought only after the analysis.
• Humidity of ceramic carrier should not exceed natural background (0.5-1%). Ceramic carrier should be stored in a dry and ventilated place; otherwise we reserve the right to make a moisture test.

Cooperation with wholesale customers is based on mutually beneficial agreements, and the final price of the proposed material is established after analysis. In some cases we offer such services like a price fixing and financing. We have an opportunity to pick up material from distributor’s warehouse in the territory of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland. We provide the opportunity of client’s presence at all stages of our work: weighing, recalculation, selection, setting weights and prices, transferring of money to Your account. Just trustful relationship with customers and transparency of our work sets us apart from other companies. With all our suppliers we use an individual approach.

We are waiting for You and look forward to successful cooperation!