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T   +372 5659355


ADSV GROUP OÜ 11730536
KMKR : EE101323644
AS SEB Pank A/a 10220108191018

Purchase is made in outline of Tallinn in the the agreed location! 

• Current price is 65 euro per kg
• This is the site of the company ADSV Group OÜ
• We work all over Estonia, Finland, Latvia
• We have all licenses for the purchasing of catalysts
• We pay cash in any currency, by bank transfer, also on contract/account terms
• In Tallinn and in the county of Harjumaa we agree about the meeting place and time or come by necessary address
• Out of Harjumaa we need to agree about the place and time or the good may be sent by Eesti post, Smartpost, Cargobus
• For questions or more information please call us
• On any day of the week, seven days a week, 24H per day

ADSV eco friencly